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Popsicles Recipe. All Variations

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments


Popsicles are a wonderful treat.

You can enjoy at every age, anytime of the year. I make popsicles year round. While I find homemade ice cream and ice cream makers an imposition, popsicles are not trouble at all.

The beauty about making popsicles at home is, beside being much more delicious and much more affordable than their commercial counterparts, you have complete control of what you put in.

To make my popsicles, I don’t follow any recipe, but I have some guidelines I want to share with you:

I make my popsicles in my Vitamix.

Seriously: Can I interest you in the purchase of a Vitamix? Expensive, yes, as blenders go, but an incomparable investment. No high power blender comes close. When I saw with my own eyes what a Vitamix could do, I stopped using a juicer. So sorry but I found juicing expensive and high maintenance, and you throw all those valuable fibers. With the Vitamix, you throw everything in, and end up with a perfect shake or smoothie without leaving any part of your food behind. And here’s another magical thing with the Vitamix: Say you spotted a few veggies and herbs in your fridge, not enough to make a batch of anything much out of them. No problem: Throw them in the Vitamix and let it churn them for a good few minutes, pretty soon you will have a blender full of HOT soup, ready to enjoy right on the spot, no cooking whatsoever!

Now that I sang the praises of the Vitamix, let me still assure you that if you don’t have one, a food processor or blender will be a respectable second choice.

I make my popsicles with frozen fruit.

Not only because frozen fruit gives my popsicles a huge head start, reducing the freezing time by more than half, but because frozen fruit is ideally ripe and sweet, clean and ready whenever you are. There is no end of frozen fruit in the frozen section of your supermarket: berries, pineapple, mango, peaches, cherries, rhubarb, to name just a few.

I make my popsicles in anything I get my hands on. I used to obsess about the best popsicle molds, and bought dozens of them, but never found the ideal one: some of them require that you actually detach the mold, so the mold almost always gets lost; I hate the silicone ones, which giggle and spill in the freezer; some of them are somewhat hard to get the popsicles out of, but the latter are what I most often use: running a little hot water will loosen up the popsicle you want to get out, with just a little leg work. I also use small hot cups, like espresso cups, plant the popsicle sticks in the center and call it a day.

You can even use an oversize ice cube tray.

I make my popsicles using bananas for perfect suspension and smooth texture:

Bananas are very sweet and creamy, so you need very little more to sweeten your popsicles. No matter what I am making my popsicles with, I always include 2 very ripe bananas. So don’t do anything rash like throwing your very ripe bananas away, Gd Forbid. Freeze them! when you are ready to use them, run warm water over them, the peel will come right off.

Let me just preface this paragraph with these recommendations:
– Do not thaw any of the fruit, throw the frozen fruit right in your blender.
– Blend your ingredients until they are very smooth. Pour your mixture into popsicle molds or small cups. Insert the popsicle stick carefully in the center of each mold. Depending on the size of your molds, you will get between 10 and 14 popsicles.
– Start by throwing in your blender your liquid ingredients, then put in the frozen fruit on top. The bottom liquid ingredients will propel the top frozen ingredients very easily.

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Favorite Smoothies Recipes. Smoothie Bowl Variations

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Vanilla Bean Levana Nourishments


Many smoothie joints have recently sprouted all over the city.

But none will whip up a smoothie as delicious, nutritious, inexpensive and quick as you will.

Scroll down for Smoothie bowl Variations

Use frozen fruit in your smoothies!

Why use ice, when frozen fruit will keep all your flavors intense and undiluted, and your smoothies nice and cold?

The only exception is the chocolate smoothie, which needs ice because all ingredients are at room temperature.

Bananas got too ripe? throw them in the freezer, and when ready to use them, just run your warm water faucet over them, the peel will come right off!

Smoothie Bowl: An ideally nutritious and complete meal.

smoothie bowl



Follow the recipe guidelines below, and add in your blender whatever good stuff you might have on hand, varying each time and getting an exciting variation each time:

– A handful of green leaves (kale, spinach, lettuce, parsley, mint etc…)
– Avocado, green apple, celery, cucumber, cauliflower, lemon (skin and all) etc…
– A scoop of nut or seed butter (almond, peanut, pumpkin, sunflower, cashew etc…)…
– Yogurt or buttermilk… dairy or dairy-free
– A scoop of raw oats

Use fruit juice sparingly if at all, as it will set you back with lots of unwanted sugar and calories.

Now play with your toppings:

Sliced fruit, berries, granola, coconut, cacao nibs etc…


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Gluten-Free Muffins Recipe. All Variations

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Vanilla Bean Levana Nourishments

gluten-free muffins

Perfect gluten-free muffins takes a little practice!

And the good news is, with each new batch, your gluten-free muffins will get more delicious, and you’ll soon look like a pro.

Use this Gluten-Free Muffins Recipe as your guide, and take it places!

For these gluten-free muffins, one of the flours I used was almond flour, which imparts a wonderful flavor and delicate texture. But of course if you are dealing with a nut allergy as well as a gluten allergy, double up on other flours. Let me start by listing my gluten-free recipe exactly as I made it, using my favorite flours (almond and oat), then discuss other flavor and flour options.

Here I am giving you a recipe for a single recipe of Gluten-free muffins, but I should tell you I always make a double batch, why not, just as long as all ingredients are out and I got that oven going, plus my gluten-free muffins freeze perfectly.

Tapioca flour or arrowroot flour are very nutritious, and are easy to procure in health food stores

If you intend to bake gluten-free muffins, bread and other treats on a regular basis, it really pays to buy larger containers of gluten-free flour, in price clubs or online, as I do, as smaller containers can really err on the expensive side. I prefer to make my own gluten-free flour mixture than buy gluten-free flour mix, but of course if you come across a gluten-free flour mix brand that uses all healthy ingredients, go ahead and use it in your recipes, a total of 4 cups (including the tapioca, which the mix most likely includes).

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Vegan Raspberry Chocolate Mousse Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Cocoa Coffee Levana Nourishments
raspberry chocolate mousse

My Raspberry Chocolate Mousse is my new rock star.

That’s the consensus! It doesn’t in the least hurt that my raspberry chocolate mousse, a cousin just once removed from my vegan chocolate mousse (see below) is, like the great favorite many of you are used to, also vegan, gluten-free, no-cooking, ridiculously easy and tastes sinfully rich even as it is made with very sensible ingredients. I couldn’t keep my hands off it all day Friday, and kept sneaking a spoon in one of the glasses every half hour, until I wiped it out. I just ordered a dozen little 5-ounce mason jars just like the one in the picture, in honor of this dessert.

The pairing of chocolate and raspberries in this raspberry chocolate mousse is sublime.

As always when working with berries, I prefer frozen berries, as they are full-flavored and at the height of their ripeness and sweetness, and always good to go. I could see using frozen pitted cherries instead of raspberries; in this case just cut them in two or three pieces so they are distributed more evenly in the mousse. Likewise, I could see using cranberries: only in this case, add a little sugar.

Plain Vegan Chocolate Mousse:

I can’t tell you how many people make my recipe!
– Skip the berries and the creme de Cassis.
– Add 1 tablespoon instant coffee, decaf OK, dissolved in a few drops of warm water.
Proceed exactly as instructed in the recipe.

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