Celebrate a Healthy July 4th Feast


healthy july 4th feast

Independence Day: Healthy Edition

Beach lounging, parades, fireworks, and of course, the family barbeques and picnics. What more could we want on America’s birthday?! We have a proposition for you: celebrate this July 4th the healthy way. This year, you can celebrate your patriotism as well as your health by following our healthy July 4th feast recipes and tips. Fireworks not included.

Healthy July 4th Feast Ideas- Main Dishes

You may have already been planning your July 4th menu of everyone’s favorite classics: hot dogs, hamburgers, corn on the cob, and apple pie. But now we’re going to use these classic all-American staples as inspiration for creating a healthy July 4th feast. All of these recipe ideas are simple to create, good for you, and simply delicious! (Check out Levana Cooks for more Healthy July 4th tips.) Let’s get started.

Begin the healthy and festive feast with our summer-in-a-bowl Gazpacho Soup recipe. This soup could not be more fresh and flavorful! You’ll love it even more because you’ll have it prepared in only a few, simple steps. Veggie-filled and nutritious, this soup is everything we could want from a light and yummy summer soup. Throw in pouches of Levana Nourishments in Garden Vegetable to make this recipe even more nutritious and protein-packed.

healthy july 4th feast

Is it even July 4th without burgers and toppings galore? We didn’t think so either. Enter, the healthy (and adorable) mini slider! Some tips to make these juicy and delicious: Use only lean meat for extra flavor- this will also ensure that you have enough room to load up on all the mouth-watering toppings later. (Add one pouch of Levana Nourishments for every one pound of burger.) Meat-eaters, beware! In addition to beef, chicken, turkey, and lamb burgers, you can also form veggie and bean burgers, or tuna and salmon into burgers as well! Vegetarians are welcome. Now for the fun part: toppings! Go crazy with condiments, hot sauce, veggies, pickles, and onions.

healthy july 4th feast

Ready for bright, colorful, and healthy salad ideas? Fresh Dill Corn Salad will be your new summer salad staple! Whether you choose to use it as side or main dish, make sweet corn the star of your healthy July 4th feast. For more fresh flavors, check out CookingLight’s Super Summery Spicy Tomato-Cucumber Salad recipe for some zesty and tangy flavor. Look at those colors go! (Photo below courtesy of their website.)

healthy july 4th feast

Desserts and Drinks recipes

Before you enjoy the fireworks display, finish off your evening with yummy and healthy patriotic-inspired desserts and drinks. Did someone say mocktails?! If you’re opting for an alcohol-free July 4th, we got you covered. Check out our red, white, and blue fruity and protein-packed mocktails for a healthy spin on summer cocktails. Blend delicious juicy fruits together and you’ll have yourself drinks the color of the American flag. How festive of you!

Lemonade is everyone’s favorite warm weather treat! To learn how to create your own delicious lemonade, click here. You’ll find all lemonade variations included: raspberry, green tea, maple, pineapple, and even sugar-free! These recipes will give you lemonade in all its glory- sweet, tangy, and oh-so-refreshing! Throw in pouches of Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments for extra-fruity flavor and nutrients galore.

healthy july 4th feast

Dessert is where you’ll really get to show off your healthy July 4th creations. Start off with an American classic: Apple Crumb Pie! No crust here, but loads of crunchy and yummy topping. (Gluten-free variation also included!) Fresh fruit are what make this apple pie so delectable. We’ll be surprised if you have any leftovers! Star-Spangled Fruit Kebabs are sure to end your healthy July 4th feast off on a high note. Cut red (watermelon) and white (inner apple) fruits into star shapes for one last refreshing July 4th treat. Stick the fruit onto skewers, separating them with blueberries for a hint of festive blue. (Photo below courtesy of EatingWell.com.)

healthy july 4th feast

The fireworks can go off now!

Now all we have left to do is celebrate our independence and patriotism by doing the most American thing of all: sharing and enjoying these healthy 4th of July recipes with our loved ones and friends. To many more years in good health and style!

-Talya Hyman

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