Meat & Poultry

These main dishes are easy enough for a weeknight dinner and special enough for having company over. By adding the Nourishments, you are creating a nutrient dense cooking liquid for your dish. The flavor and texture is imperceptible, but you will reap the nutritious benefits!

One set of recipes I really want to emphasis is what I call my one-two-three chicken dishes. You will be amazed just how many fabulous dishes you can make using only chicken, turmeric, and one (just one) vegetable. This is what my mom fed us all our childhood, and as you see, I have never gotten tired of it. Who would believe you just threw three things in a pot with some water, cooked it in an hour, and ended up with such a great treat? Lowest maintenance imaginable! I am including instructions for substituting meat or fish for the chicken.

Levana Nourishments recipes have all been adapted from the tried and true recipes I have developed throughout my career for my cookbooks and my original website, Levana Cooks, so that everyone can enjoy them!  They allow for batch cooking, as they all freeze beautifully, so don’t divide: Freeze!

Please keep in mind that Levana Nourishments contains moderate amounts of sea salt, so when making the following recipes you might want to decrease the amount you would normally use.

These recipes were extremely easy to adapt without sacrificing taste because it’s all in the pouch!

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