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“Levana™ Nourishments has made a huge difference for M… his energy level, mood, stamina have improved tremendously.” -Esther Cohen

“A major side effect of my therapy was an extreme loss of appetite that played havoc with my nutrition until Levana™ Nourishments Garden Vegetable product came to the rescue.” -Helen Schwimmer

“Thank you for your delicious and filling Levana™ Nourishments that has become my daily lunch or breakfast. It feels really good to be able to take my drink with me when I’m on the run and know that what I’m drinking is a good meal substitute, as opposed to a drink filled with things I can’t identify and am not sure  how good they really are for me! I know that when you make something you only use the cleanest ingredients and keep it as simple as possible. Thank you for working so hard on developing your product: it gets my vote!” -Dora Green

“The strength and real energy I feel must connect directly to Levana™ Nourishments. I hope you’re able to help many more people as you’ve helped me!” -Moti Cohen

“As a nutrition expert, health advocate and mom, I love Levana™ Nourishments. They are not only delicious but are a burst of super nutrients in an easy to use formula.  I am a fan of both the shakes and the soup blends. In the morning I blend the powder with some non-dairy milk and fruit to ensure my kids and my clients are loaded up with fuel, vitamins and antioxidants, fiber and healthy fats, and no sugar whatsoever! Dinner could not be easier—combine Levana Nourishments soup blend with some water and cook a couple of minutes, and in no time you have a delicious soup with the benefits of veggies, healthy fats and the most healing mushrooms. These are the best blends I ever tried and they will help so many people!” -Dawn Lerman

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