My desserts are known for being very sensible in terms of sugar content, adaptable for dairy-free, and always out of this world delicious by children and adults alike! The taste and texture are not impeded in the slightest, but the nutrient content soars with the addition of my Nourishments. Do yourself a favor and make one of these desserts! You’ll fool your guests into thinking they are enjoying an indulgent treat when in fact they will be adding a wealth of nutrients to their diet.

You will love my sugar solutions: I only list coconut sugar, Stevia and Truvia, and all in very reasonable amounts. But no problem using Sucanat instead of coconut sugar: the idea is to use the most unrefined sugar.

Levana Nourishments recipes have all been adapted from the tried and true recipes I have developed throughout my career for my cookbooks and my original website, Levana Cooks, so that everyone can enjoy them!  They allow for batch cooking, as they all freeze beautifully, so don’t divide: Freeze!

These recipes were extremely easy to adapt without sacrificing taste because it’s all in the pouch!

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