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10 single serve pouches per box

Made with real fruit and berries, this full-flavored superfood mix provides a completely balanced meal with all-natural ingredients: protein, fiber, no added sugar!

Appealing flavor and mouth-feel even when you've got no appetite! Chemical-free and fiber-rich.

Sweet and tart, nutrition never tasted so good: your kids won't even know it's good for them when you sneak it into their food.

Shake the fruity mix up with liquid for a filling, delicious and nutritious meal on the move.


Ground Sunflower Seeds, Ground Chia Seeds, Ground Golden Flax Seeds, Ground Hemp Seeds, Raw Pea Protein Powder, Avocado Powder, Ground Pumpkin Seeds, Green Apple Powder, Beet Root Powder, Blueberry Powder, Cranberry Powder, Pomegranate Powder, Pink Salt, Stevia Leaf Extract (Rebaudioside A)

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7 reviews for Mixed Berry

  1. Jill Sharfman

    As a Board Certified Holistic Nutritionist I am so pleased to see a company like Levana’s Meal Replacement available on the market. They have gone to great lengths to research and develop an outstanding product that is “Mother Nature” approved. The Mixed Berry flavor will satisfy any sweet tooth. This is a revolutionary product whose time has definitely come!

  2. Andrea S

    I make some great smoothies with this Mixed Berry flavor for my ailing elderly dad who has been losing a lot of weight. He just eats a lot of sugary foods so I had some piece of mind knowing he was eating something healthy and delicious.

  3. Tamara Boorstein

    This is by far my favorite flavor and I’ve had it for both lunch and dinner as a smoothie. It just checks all the nutritional marks and I feel satisfied.

  4. Henya Storch, RN MSN

    Delicious and nutritious meal! What can I say, I highly recommend this product as a nurse and a woman always trying to maintain a healthy lifestyle for myself and my family.

  5. Mary L

    I’ve experimented with this flavor the most and have loved every combination! Easy to blend with juice, water, milk and other fresh fruits. Also delicious in my yogurt and to liven up my desserts.

  6. Christina

    I typically add fresh berries into my plain yogurt and smoosh it all up. This is my version of a smoothie and my go-to breakfast that I usually eat at work. Having first tried Levana’s Cocoa Coffee flavor in a chocolate cake and the Vegetable Medley soup, I gave Mixed Berry a try. Whoa! This stuff is seriously delicious. (I mixed about a half-pouch into 8 oz of yogurt.) It was even better than fresh berries!

  7. Chaia Frishman

    I use this as a pre and post ride smoothie and it makes a world of a difference in my exercise recovery! Love mixing it with berries and a yogurt. Tastes great. The best part was when I read the ingredients I was able to recognize ever item! No crazy chemicals…

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When you can’t eat a “regular” meal, Levana™ Nourishments is sensible and delicious. While it was originally created as an all-natural and complete nutrition solution for those struggling with a health crisis, our products are being appreciated by a wide range of people who want to eat smart and easy.

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