Meals for Kids On-the-Go


Children today seem just as pressed for time as their parents. Typical schedules for kids are often a whirlwind of school, homework and extracurricular activities. It isn’t always easy to grab healthy meals while ushering little ones around to football games and piano recitals. Parents and schools know that a complete diet is essential for growing bodies and minds, but a lack of time can sometimes mean children go days at a time without eating nutritious meals.

Lèvana™ Nourishments products are a great way to get even the pickiest eaters to eat a balanced diet. The soup bases and cold blends available from Levana are made from whole foods for a delicious, natural way to boost nutrition without slowing down. Not only can you enjoy our Nourishmentss for a quick and tasty soup or smoothie, but they can also be incorporated into simple recipes that your kids are sure to love. Here are a few ideas to spruce up your son or daughter’s diet with help from Levana.

Bake Ahead Breakfasts

Take some extra time on the weekends to make breakfast treats ahead of time. Bake once and have a week’s worth of easy to grab meals that will start their day off right. You can make a batch of smoothies ahead of time and freeze them in containers. Place in a blender bottle in the refrigerator to thaw overnight and they’ll be ready to go in the morning. You can also try out a few of our homemade recipes for healthy blueberry scones, gluten free banana bread and Apple Kale Muffins.

Healthy Burgers

If you know you’ll be eating dinner on the run, you can make healthy patties ahead of time. All it takes is a few minutes to reheat in the oven and you can pack some healthy burgers for the road instead of stopping for fast food. Lèvana™ Nourishments products come in savory flavors like Mushroom Medley and Garden Vegetable. With ingredients like Flax, Hemp Seeds, Raw Protein Powder, Kale and Shiitake, you’ll be adding heart healthy proteins, fats, vitamins and minerals to your family’s diet without sacrificing flavor.

Kid Friendly Soups

Store bought soups are a food staple found in lunch boxes across America. Unfortunately, many popular brands contain unhealthy ingredients like monosodium glutamate (MSG). Mushroom Medley and Garden Vegetable Nourishmentss make a great base for any soup and taste amazing all by themselves. Store in a well-made thermos and your kids can have yummy warm soup any time of day.

Delicious Desserts

There aren’t many kids who would turn down a homemade chocolate chip cookie or brownie. Give their favorite desserts a healthy upgrade with our Vanilla Bean, Mixed Berry or Cocoa Coffee Nourishmentss. Store these foods in an airtight container or plastic bag and your kids will always have access to a guilt free treat.

Give Your Little Ones Nutritious Meals with Lèvana™ Nourishments Products

Get your children’s health back on track without struggling. Lèvana™ Nourishments packs are full of wholesome ingredients made with real food. You’ll never have to worry about harmful chemicals or food allergies. All our products are kosher, gluten free, dairy free, soy free and vegan. No matter what kind of diet or lifestyle your family prefers, you can enjoy convenient, delicious and nutritious meals. 

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