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Hot Cereal Recipe. All Variations

Adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments

hot cereal

Hot cereal is for all of us to enjoy!

My idea of breakfast for Champions! Recently my very pregnant daughter Bella mentioned that her ob-gyn recommended she include more fiber and more vegetable protein in her diet. Always tinkering with the whole gamut of grains, I welcomed the opportunity to experiment, this time setting as my goal, making a hot cereal breakfast that would be at once quick, delicious and nutritious.

I started right in my own kitchen, where I found everything I need, and then some. If my daughter’s enthusiasm and that of everyone who tasted and reported feeling full of positive energy, then I conclude I am onto something great!  Needless to add, this included the children as well. I just love the idea of adding a great number of nutrients, fiber and protein, in minutes and for pennies, without the “help” of those dreaded protein bars loaded with soy and whey protein isolates. You will find as I did that this treat would be suitable as part of lunch or dinner on days where you don’t feel like cooking.

Always the perfect place to start, I opened the doors to my pantry and checked out its contents. Dozens and dozens of glass jars, full of every grain imaginable, and neatly labeled (more about this at the bottom of this post). I was on my way!

My hot cereal combination is just my own personal taste.

You can certainly adjust it to your own preferences. You don’t need to mix so many grains, even one or two is enough. I only mixed them to be sure I get the most benefit from them, not only nutritionally, but for flavor. This amount will last you months, so you will spend those few minutes mixing only once in about six months.

Even though I am not a future mom (I am a perennial mom!), and even though I am not running in any marathon, I immensely enjoy the delicious taste, and the welcome energizing feeling it gives me with: Let me know how yours comes out, and how you feel on a day you eat it: I am getting ready to mix another batch soon!


A word on storing grains:

I found out at my own expense, from a long-ago Hitchkock-style invasion of moths which came from an old carton drum box of rolled oats and left me and everyone in my house terrified for days, that moths wholeheartedly share our love for grains, sugar, nuts, raisins and so on, as they easily eat away at the porous paper, plastic or cardboard containers.  Hence my obsessive-compulsive habit of storing everything in glass jars! I hope I pass it on to you: good-bye moths, good-bye rancidity!

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Minted Watermelon Salad Recipe

Adapted to Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments.

minted watermelon salad

Minted Watermelon Salad with Feta and Tomatoes:

Huh? Does this salad combo sound wacky enough for you? I admit this watermelon salad is quite a stretch from the way watermelon is usually enjoyed: only one small good problem— watermelon salad is fabulous, so go for it! You must have noticed as I did that seeded watermelon is much tastier than the “convenient” and bland seedless hybrid. I recommend using the familiar watermelon; just spit out the seeds discreetly, OK?

Just one more wonderful thing while you are making watermelon salad: did you know you could juice watermelon, rind and all?

Watermelon juice: Who knew?

Delicious, and a nutritional powerhouse!

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Raspberry Vinegar Recipe

Adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mixed Berry Levana Nourishments 

raspberry vinegar

Raspberry Vinegar

You will make about 2 quarts  in minutes, at a fraction of the price of store-bought.
The vinaigrette made with the raspberry vinegar are beautifully colored and intensely flavored, a little goes a long way—mixed with a good olive oil in salad dressings, splashed into a fruit salad or a berry dessert sauce. Don’t hesitate to make the full batch, or even a double batch, as it keeps very well, plus a friend or two might be delighted to see one of the precious ruby-colored bottles come her way.

Cranberry Vinegar Variation: 

Substitute 2 12-ounce bags of Cranberries, fresh or frozen, for the raspberries, and chop them coarsely in a food processor. Proceed just as for raspberry vinegar. You might also want to try half cranberries half raspberries, for a fabulous Raspberry Cranberry Vinegar

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Cherry Clafoutis Recipe: Gluten-Free Friendly


Adapted from Levana Cooks,  using Levana Nourishments Mixed Berry

cherry clafoutis

 Cherry Clafoutis is a delightfully rustic baked French fruit dessert

Comfort Foods A La French. It is traditionally made with berries or cherries, but often made with apples as well, arranged in a tart pan and covered with a thick flan-like batter. You will love the no-fuss prep and the quick healthy results!

My Cherry clafoutis is a winner:

very lightly sweetened, fragrant and totally gluten-free-friendly, and very easy to make. I love  how the cherries float to the top during baking. I have taken some poetic license and added an optional light chocolate topping to my cherry clafoutis recipe (the picture clafoutis doesn’t have a chocolate topping), just because berries and chocolate go so beautifully together.

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Autumn Beet Salad with all the Fixins’ Recipe

Beet Salad with All the Fixins’

Using Levana Nourishments Mixed Berry

Everyone celebrate autumn (okay, winter) in the way that makes them most happy, cozy and comfortable. Since we are huge salad eaters at home, our seasonal celebrations most often gravitate around the food that best express the seasons. So salads are a great showcase! Beets, red apple, red grapefruit, red cabbage? With a fruity cranberry dressing and a drizzle of pomegranate molasses? Mmmmmm…..

You will find my Autumn Beet Salad quite versatile:

Let me start by saying I am thrilled for the brave little beet. We grew up eating beets everyday, but in America they were scorned and all but ignored, scoring points mostly for their help with our, hmmm, regularity. More power to the humble root that recently moved from wallflower to rock star status. Now we regularly enjoy it, cooked or raw, in risotto, cake, latkas, smoothies, soups, And of course, in salads. I cannot resist making it even healthier and more delicious by adding a pouch of Levana Nourishments Mixed Berry

In our, the consumers’ defense, I’ll say:

Beets can be somewhat high maintenance

The prolonged cooking they necessitate can really be a deterrent. But the good news is, we can now easily find perfect, peeled, roasted and vacuum-packed beets, which makes them a snap to use

I will start with the basic beet salad I started out with, and list all the variations, including main course. It has no salad leaves, and therefore it is sturdy and perfect even the next couple days

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