The Art of the Easy Healthy Brunch: Menu and Recipes

The Art of the Easy Healthy Brunch: 

Huh? Did I really include Hollandaise Sauce in an Easy Healthy Brunch menu?

OF COURSE I got the memo! Hollandaise means: more eggs, more cream, more butter, right right I get it!
But read on: See how I whip up this perfect egg-free hassle-free Hollandaise replica, without cooking and without whipping, in no time flat. I’m all about celebrating the classics, but the nutritionally correct way. This is why at my last Cooking Demo in Lawrence New York last week, I had a house full of guests eating delightedly and confidently out of my hand, excuse the pun. They even seemed to enjoy my little harangue about eating healthy! Sorry but I can’t help doing a little missionary work with every captive audience I get.

Breakfast All Day!

I get a shtikle naughty at my cooking demos:

I like to keep the suspense going with a little swagger: I prep the meal very minimally, preferring to make most of the meal right in front of my guests. I get a kick out of the anxious whispers flying all over the room: Does Levana REALLY intend to make all this in the course of this demo? Will she REALLY get time to make all this? Do we REALLY get to taste everything?
Yes she does, yes she will, yes we do!

The reward this delivers is, beside getting a pretty good show, elicit the same satisfying feeling from everyone:

“Hey, I can totally do this at home! This is easy!”

The show is great, admittedly, but it is just the tool. My ultimate goal is to steer everyone away from processed foods and into the kitchen to cook from scratch: The easiest, healthiest and most cost-effective!

Easy Healthy Brunch Menu:

Eggs Benny with Vegan Hollandaise Sauce

Swiss Chard, Beet, Apple and Goat Cheese Salad

Maple-Roasted Salmon


Brown Rice Noodles with Sun-Dried Tomato Pesto

Ricotta Berry Parfait


Raw Oat Nut Energy Balls


Beet Smoothie

Favorite Smoothies Recipes. Smoothie Bowl Variations

smoothie bowl



limonana mix


Iced Moccha

Homemade Functional Drinks Recipes

beverage, brown, cacao


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