Roselyn Wroblewski

Best part is that it tastes good, I am not gaining weight and I know that I am eating ALL NATURAL ingredients without much effort….

For all those of you who love fine coffee and dark chocolate yet are concerned about eating healthfully, eating enough protein to fill hunger pangs, want to maintain a respectable body weight and lastly don’t have time to cook or prepare a full meal, I have found a food blessing….
Levana™ Nourishments.

All ingredients are 100% natural and of the highest quality, and so although I am not eating just harvested plant food, I am confident that I am eating a full meal which can only maintain or improve my health.

My recipe which I don’t get tired of daily because I love coffee and chocolate so much is a follows.
8 ounces of high protein plain yogurt (sometimes I replace some of the plain yogurt with vanilla yogurt)
1/4 cup of organic muesli
1 tsp of organic matcha powder
And lastly
I/4 cup of Coffee Chocolate Levana™ Nourishments

It is my meal and my treat….without any feelings of guilt.
It just doesn’t  get better.

I am always worried that I may fall off the wagon and start to eat foods that are not healthful.

I work long hours and shopping is not my forte.

So I have found a dinner solution which I feel good about and is ALL NATURAL i.e. Levana™ Nourishments.

I love to make vegetarian type soups and freeze them in pint or quart size containers.

A filling meal for me is a pint of soup to which add 1/4 cup of Levana™ Nourishments.  I accompany the soup with a half a sandwich or veggie burger and have a fruit or a flavored yogurt for dessert.

Levana™ Nourishments fortifies the soup and soothes my hunger pangs.

This dinner fills me up enough that I don ‘t graze my pantry after dinner and before I go to sleep.

Note that I use either the Mushroom or Vegetable Nourishments in the same soup, just to add variety for taste buds.

Lastly, I cannot go to bed on an empty stomach. So if I come home very late and I am totally exhausted….I take 1/2 cup of either Hot Nourishments and mix it with boiling water and a small splash of olive oil…..creating a soothing and filling dinner/snack before going to bed.

Best part is that it tastes good, I am not gaining weight and I know that I am eating ALL NATURAL ingredients without much effort.

Enjoy Levana™ Nourishments

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