Wake Up! Energy Drinks: the Best and the Worst


Energy drinks have become an enormous segment of the Food Industry.

The world we live in runs at a very fast pace and sometimes we need a little help to keep up. Many people turn to energy drinks as sources of caffeine, which can be a quick fix to their drowsiness, however there can be many negative side effects to these pre-packaged drinks. Below are three negative attributes of some of the world’s most popular energy drinks.

Too Much Caffeine

5-Hour Energy is a popular choice because it’s a small amount of liquid with zero sugar, and the caffeine level of a 12-ounce cup of coffee. The good part about these little guys is they also have vitamins B6 and B12. The bad part is that 12 ounces of coffee equals about 140 mg of caffeine, and packing that much punch in one small dose can be harmful for your body, especially for your heart.

Too Much Sugar

Rockstar Energy comes in a wide variety of delicious flavors which make them very enticing. However, the first ingredient in these bad boys is high fructose syrup, which calculates to 60 grams of sugar in just one can of the original flavor. Some of the more intense cans can have over 75 grams of sugar, which is equivalent to three cans of soda.

Too Many Negative Ingredients

Monster Energy drinks provide a hefty amount of caffeine to get you through your day, and claim to have plenty of vitamins. The problem is these vitamins come in synthetic and chemical form, which are harder for the body to process, and can have larger negative effects on a human if consumed in large quantities.

Not to worry, you won’t be left sleeping at your desk once you cut out these energy drinks. Mother Nature herself has provided us with some delicious, all-natural options that will leave you feeling peppy and full of life.

Healthier Options for Energy Drinks Mean Better Options

Yerba Mate

Made from the mate tree of South America’s mate tree, this completely natural stimulant has “strength of coffee, the health benefits of tea, and the euphoria of chocolate.” It contains the same caffeine supplements of coffee and tea, but isn’t as oily or acidic as coffee so it won’t create stomachache. The most common preparation is like a tea, and can be flavored for taste.

Green Coffee

Did you know that the caffeine in coffee is found in the natural oils of the bean? This means that your dark roasts are the least caffeinated, and the blond roasts are more caffeinated. Green coffee beans are completely unroasted and therefore, have the most power but without the acidity that comes with roasting. Try Starbucks Refreshers for a tasty green coffee drink. 

Black or Green Tea

The beauty of tea is they provide natural caffeine that is part of the leaves they are made from without any sugar or calories. This energy is better for the body because it is a natural source, and therefore leaves you feeling energetic and happy, and won’t make you crash later. Of course, it’s not nearly as much caffeine as coffee, but you can drink more of it without any negative side effects.

Before exploring your personally preferred version of energy or caffeine, it’s important to do your research. Every person reacts differently to these products, so you want to make sure you’re giving your body what it needs to live your best life!

Levana Nourishments believes in the power of natural ingredients and utilizes them in each one of our shakes. Now that’s a line of fantastic energy drinks. Curious? Check it our yourself!

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