Should We Eat Protein Bars? Unwrapping the Myth


protein bars

Protein Bars: Unwrapping the myth

Busy schedules can sometimes make it difficult to prepare wholesome meals, so we instead rely on protein or energy bars to feel sustained. Do we actually know what ingredients these carefully marketed bars contain, however? Labels that claim“18 grams of protein” and “all natural” tend to fool us. So, the question remains- are protein bars good for us?

The HealthyEating section on the San Francisco Chronicle website discusses the harm of relying on protein bars. It says that protein bars “can deny you the benefits of the vitamins, minerals, heart-healthy fats, phytochemicals, and fiber abundant in natural foods.” Protein bars are processed, so therefore, not a natural food. They are also loaded with sugar, chemicals, and other impure ingredients. These manufactured protein bars are not a sufficient Nourishments.

Beware of culprit ingredients!

Protein bars contain soy protein isolate. What is this ingredient, you may be asking? Soy protein is a popular alternative for people who want to cut down on their meat and egg intake. says: “Soy protein is basically derived from the soybean plant, which is available in two different forms namely soy protein concentrate and soy protein isolate.” However, there are downsides to consuming soy protein isolate. The article continues, “Soy protein isolates are known to contain anti-nutrients that can develop or delay the body’s ability to digest food and absorb all the nutrients into the bloodstream. This results to the abnormalities in our body’s digestion.” Furthermore, “soy protein isolates could also cause harm to the body due to its process of manufacturing.” Should we eat protein bars? No!

Is it possible to have a wholesome meal on-the-go?

Is it possible to eat the healthy way while out and about? Levana Nourishments says yes! Levana’s on-the-go meals provide a healthy and wholesome substitute for protein bars. You will never crave those wrapped bars again! Combine the ingredients in Levana’s Trail Mix Cookie with a Levana Nourishments packet. This will create a perfect protein, and a well-balanced meal. You can even say that you created an energy bar from a cookie! Therefore, the answer to the “should we eat protein bars” question has now altered: I say yes!

-Talya Hyman

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