Levana Nourishments Now Available!


Dearest friends,

I’m so excited to see what I believe to be my most important work come to life. Today, Levana™ Nourishments has officially launched!

My product, Levana™ Nourishments, is a powdered meal that offers delicious, all-natural, complete and balanced nutrition.

Unlike most commercial Nourishmentss, Levana™ Nourishments has no chemicals or added sugar. Each flavor — three sweet, two savory — is made of pure, simple, plant-based ingredients.

We are the only brand that offers savory flavors.

Levana™ Nourishments is not just certified all-natural, but it’s also vegan, kosher, nut-free, soy-free, dairy-free, non-GMO and high in fiber to promote regularity. Just as importantly, Levana™ Nourishments is supremely versatile: The sweet flavors can be mixed with liquid and blended into a shake, while the savory flavors can be boiled with water to make a hearty soup. One pouch of your favorite flavor can also be added to your favorite dish to fortify it and optimize its nutritional content.

But it’s important for you to know that, as always happens with all good things, I stumbled upon this venture quite unexpectedly.

As many of you know, I’ve enjoyed a long rewarding career as a kosher restauranteur, cookbook author, caterer and all-around foodie. I have earned the nickname of Jewish Julia Child, and a reputation for being the trailblazer of Kosher Upscale Dining. I also love hosting cooking events where I demonstrate how to prepare no-fuss healthy feasts. But family is my life, and as the years have passed, I’ve loved every second with my children, grandchildren, and friends, and my large extended cooking student family. Bringing them all together and cooking for them gives me such joy.

So as you can imagine, when my husband Maurice was diagnosed with multiple myeloma three years ago, it was a devastating blow, and his health became my first priority.

I felt helpless as I watched him undergo intensive treatment, which robbed him of his appetite and caused an alarming weight loss. I was beside myself that in a house full of the foods he loved, he was wasting away right in front of us. When Maurice’s doctors recommended that he drink a mass-produced commercial “nutritional” shake, we were appalled – turning the bottle over and reading the ingredients, we saw that these “meals” were made up of mostly chemicals and sugars, and wanted nothing to do with them.

Maurice was receiving enough toxic chemical treatments to kill his cancer – he didn’t need any more of that, thank you very much! He needed real food that actually tasted good!

So I did what I do best… I got to work in the kitchen! I rolled up my sleeves and tinkered till I dropped. And in time, with Maurice as my taste-tester, Levana™ Nourishments was born, right in my own home!

My initial goal was to create a delicious, customization, fully-balanced meal, with all the necessary healthy fats, proteins, carbs and fiber, that could be eaten by people who, like Maurice, were having trouble eating solid foods or who had a suppressed appetite. I worked with the finest grinds of chia, flax, hemp, pumpkin seeds, berries, avocado and many, many other ingredients to perfect the flavor and nutrition profiles. Once I’d mastered the sweet flavors, I moved onto savory flavors which could be made into soups, and who doesn’t crave a good soup when they are sick?

Lo and behold, it worked! My husband regained weight, strength and energy. His medical team was so astonished at his progress that they called him “the gold standard”, and asked if they could get some for their other patients and even their own family members.

And thus was born my idea to share Levana™ Nourishments with the world.

I knew that if my mixes could help people facing a serious health crisis, they could also help many other people:

  • Healing people
  • Fussy eaters who could mix my powders into their favorite meals for added nutrition, and let them do their unseen magic;
  • People who suffer from food allergies or sensitivities and have limited options;
  • Elderly people too frail to make their own meals regularly;
  • People who are simply on the go and don’t want to have to choose fast food when they can eat a complete healthy meal.

Please check out the variety of flavors and many recipes within this website! I hope you enjoy you Levana™ Nourishments as much as I have enjoyed perfecting it for you. I hope it becomes your most reliable tool to achieve your goal of Getting Stronger Everyday!

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