Protein vs. Nourishments Shakes: Do You Know the Difference?

You are at the nutrition store to find something that will help you add nutrients to a much-depleted diet, or are simply looking for a healthy alternative to fit your busy lifestyle. Two main classes of products, protein shakes and Nourishments shakes, can help you achieve this goal. The choice is placed before you: protein vs. Nourishments shakes: which one is right for you?

Protein Bars and Shakes: The Basics

Protein shakes and bars are commonly thought of as a way to quickly and safely add calories, or muscle. In addition, they are used as an alternative when used to control hunger cravings between meals. However, they should not be considered as a healthy, safe way to replenish nutrients or regain lost weight. This is because they contain isolated proteins, and the process by which the protein is isolated can add harmful ingredients to your food.

Sugar Added to Many Protein Shakes

In many cases, manufacturers add sugar to protein powder to mask the bland or unpleasant effect taste of protein. It is not uncommon to find ingredients like dextrose, fructose, glucose polymers, sucrose and maltodextrin included in protein shake mixtures. While it is true that there are options with low sugar counts, some protein powders have drastically increased amounts of sugar.

What About Those Other Chemicals?

Since it is offered in isolated form, the protein in protein shakes and bars has ceased to be a functional food. On top of this, the chemicals can add low to moderate levels of heavy metals due to the isolation process – including of soy protein and whey protein. They might contain at least one of the following: cadmium, arsenic, lead and mercury. In daily quantities, these chemicals can’t be digested properly. When consumed regularly, such ingredients lead to common adverse effects, including further increased risk of kidney damage and lead poisoning.

Protein Isolates vs. Nourishments

The benefits of healthy calories are astounding. Good calories, good nutrients, and good fats make you stronger and more resilient. You want an option that is good for your whole body, and not one that is less healthy and only ensures weight gain. Bad calories – for example, chemicals, additives, and sugars – can be bad for multiple organs, including your heart, kidneys, and others.

Meal replacements with more complete nutritional profiles are a safer alternative to protein shakes for people on the go. However, you can’t choose just any Nourishments option. Levana Nourishments is used to keep a steady and more complete consumption of nutrients. The many options have a more complete nutritional profile than protein shakes, and contains no added sugar, as well as healthy fats, vitamins and minerals. They are a great choice for people with busy lives, who need a way to eat well but don’t necessarily have the time to prepare balanced meals. Levana Nourishments is the trusted, certified alternative; your shake will taste better and ultimately satisfy you more, too.

Protein vs. Nourishments Shakes: The Healthy Alternative

Levana Nourishments shakes are an easy and effective way to replenish a depleted diet and regain lost nutrients. It is the better alternative because, as a consumer, you know exactly what your food intake is. Using healthy and balanced calories, rather than a purely protein mixture, is a safer and more complete way to ensure that you are receiving the right ingredients in a more natural way.

Levana’s recipes are made from certified natural ingredients and are functional foods with good calories, healthy fats and no sugar added. They are soy free, nut free, kosher, and vegan. Most importantly, they are 100% certified natural. The shakes are not made with emulsifiers or isolates, or other non-functional foods. They benefit all people, and are especially suited for people looking for a healthy choice on the go.

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