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Wild Mushroom Soup Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mushroom Medley Levana Nourishments


wild mushroom soup lmr




Wild Mushroom Soup Lovers, rejoice!

Luscious Wild Mushroom Soup! You will whip it up in no time, as you are starting out with our delicious Mushroom Medley Nourishments, which combines four different luxurious and super nutritious mushrooms: Porcini, shiitake, maitake, and reishi.

Wild mushroom power:

When mushrooms do their magic in a dish, you need very little added enhancement if any.

If  you find some exotic mushrooms at a reasonable price, such as chanterelles, porcini, king oyster, throw them in too, or use them in any combination you like: Your wild mushroom soup will get wildly delicious! I always keep on hand some porcini or other wild mushroom powder, easy to get online.

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Potato Portobello Soup Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mushroom Medley Levana Nourishmentspotato portobello soup

Potato Portobello Soup:

A sort of a new age Vichyssoise, delicious hot or chilled.

I like to keep my soups meatless at all costs (unless of course the meat or poultry is the star, as in beef soup or chicken soup). So all my soups are vegetarian and water-based, and I am told – forgive the swagger – delicious. with this flavor lineup, you will never miss the meat, and you are starting out with a pouch of the magic potion!

I am the water soup girl, and mighty proud of it!

I simply never discuss stock or broth. Great ingredients plus water as “stock” guarantee a great soup each time!


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Creamed Chestnut Soup Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Garden Vegetable Levana Nourishments

chestnut soup lmr

This Chestnut Soup is a big star at my house and beyond!

The fresh herbs make a huge difference in this chestnut soup, and are easy to find everywhere.

Buy your chestnuts peeled, roasted, vacuum-packed.

All natural and inexpensive, they are easy to find in any good supermarket, and online. Lots of fabulous Israeli brands make them: Golan, Galil, Gefen etc…. This makes using chestnuts a real pleasure.

An immersion blender is extremely useful in the kitchen.

Inexpensive and unobtrusive, it allows you to blend a whole batch of soup straight in the pot.

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Indian Red Lentil Soup Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Garden Vegetable Levana Nourishments

indian red lentil soup lmr

Red Lentil Soup is ready in minutes!

Red lentils are very quick cooking, and promptly dissolve in the soup, forming a natural emulsion.

I adore lentils, and why not? Easy to use, inexpensive, and a nutritional treasure. And there are so many kinds of lentils, all delicious! Have you tried my Moroccan Lentil Soup?

Turn red lentil soup into a sauce!

Use much less liquid, say about half the liquid listed, and use the thick puree as a delicious sauce to dunk your bread in. This will make a terrific filling for savory crepes 1oo!

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Kale Fish Soup Recipe

adapted from Levana Cooks, using Mushroom Medley Levana Nourishments

kale fish soup lmr

My Kale Fish Soup is a new star!

It bravely veers off the well-traveled Fish-Tomato combo road, with wonderful results!

It has too much going for it, with the kale and the shiitake, to be missing the tomatoes! You will love the funky and intense broth of my Kale Fish Soup.

Who knew kale could be so delicious, in addition to being so nutritious? You thought kale is good only for salads? Think again, and read this link on Kale, from, which gives you the whole scoop on kale, complete with delicious kale-based, dishes, three of them mine: an honor!

Consider this a main-course soup

The fish cooks practically on contact. Be sure to add it at the last minute, as instructed. This is the secret of its melt-in-your-mouth texture!


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