Danielle Bertiger

As an active, busy individual, I’ve tried shelves worth of protein powders and supplements to fuel my workouts and supplement my diet. It is difficult to find one without added sugar, artificial sweeteners, and hard to pronounce chemical additives. On top of that, they often have a chalky consistency and quite frankly taste disgusting. When I heard of Levana™ Nourishments, I was skeptical of yet another powdered nutrient mix. However, I could have been more impressed! The ingredient list is filled with only real nutrient, dense foods, and as a graduate student in nutrition, I can attest to the quality nutrient profile of this product. Not only that, but the taste is superb! It blends seamlessly into smoothies and no bake granola bars. It makes for a nutritious, easy to make breakfast or snack. Even my finicky boyfriend and dog love it!

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