I am a 27 year old Lymphoma patient and have been utilizing Levana™ Nourishments for 6 months. It is a unique task to convey the strange effects that chemotherapy has on the body, palate, and food perceptions. One’s favorite meals of comfort become difficult to even think about, and the processes of eating and digesting become laborious. Nausea looms like a dark cloud over typical common sense decisions. Yet in a prolonged medical crisis, it is necessary to consume the best nutrition possible while processing it efficiently in the body.

While in this tough situation, Levana’s comprehensive Nourishmentss allowed me to find a balance with palatable nutrition and assured those involved in my care that I was maximizing my chances of healing.

The Nourishments flavors I utilized over the course of my treatment were vanilla, miso mushroom, vegetable, chocolate coffee, and berry. A word on each:

Vanilla- all purpose for both sweet and savory ideas. Lightly sweet vanilla flavor mixes well with breakfast fruit and oats, or sweeter fruit and juice based smoothies. 

Miso mushroom- earthy, hearty, real mushroom flavor. I loved it in soup form with fermented red miso paste and dried seaweed, sesame oil,  restoring fluids and probiotics to the stomach. It’s also useful for anything rice and vegetable based like a stir fry.

Cocoa- a real boon to any chocolate fan, this mixes well anywhere you’d normally use chocolate .

Vegetable- a full spectrum flavor of a hearty bunch of green vegetables. It mixes well with any vegetable dish or leafy green based shake. My favorite dish was a split pea soup with smoked turkey, fortified with vegetable mix, adding rich flavor and color. You can feel full and fortified without having to consume as much food mass.

Berry- the MVP of the flavors for me as I’ve always enjoyed a fresh fruit, berry, or yogurt based smoothie in some form. The berry flavor is realistic with a touch of sweetness and really integrates with any type of fruit. Frozen berries, yogurt, and bananas are a great choice. 

Thank you Levana for creating a solution that we can trust, that is far superior and more naturally nutritious than anything else on the market. I know that my return to good health would not have been the same without it. 


January 2017

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