The Truth About “Nutrition” Shakes for Patients


"nutrition" shakes

The Levana Nourishments vision

The Levana Nourishments vision is to provide hospital patients, and people undergoing treatments, with both nutritious and delicious meals. Chef Levana decided that it was time to wave “goodbye” to unappealing and unappetizing hospital foods, and say “hello” to a new era of complete Nourishments packets. Levana Nourishments pouches are full of only the purest and finest of ingredients. Blended grains, seeds, berries, vegetables, herbs, and spices provide nutritional value and protein. Looking for a quick and delicious dinner recipe? Try this delicious Mushroom Barley Soup Recipe. This dinner recipe becomes even more nutritious when mixed with Levana Nourishments Mushroom Medley or Garden Vegetable. Read more about the natural and nutritious protein-packed pouches here. 

Is there any nutrition in hospital “nutrition” shakes?

Dr. Dave Lieberman, a resident in internal medicine at the Hospital of the University of Pennsylvania, echoes the Levana Nourishments goal. In his recent New York Times article “Sugary Shakes in the Hospital”, Dr. Lieberman discovered that the seemingly nutritious and easily digestible “nutrition” shakes are actually a health hazard. Warning: Corn syrup and sugar are the leading ingredients in these shakes.

Furthermore, these “nutrition” shakes contain a mere 10 grams of protein. This is far below the protein quota patients require to regain their strength. If these sugary shakes are so lacking in any and all nutritional value, why are they commonly distributed in hospitals? “They provide a dense and palatable form of calories that can be tolerated even by those who have poor appetite, no teeth, difficulty swallowing or any of the other myriad symptoms that accompany illness,” suggests Dr. Lieberman.

 Good and pure food: your body will thank you

Dr. Lieberman writes, “Food has the potential to be some of the best medicine. But not food like this.” But have no fear! To combat this hospital health crisis, Dr. Lieberman recommends that hospitals should begin to provide “thick style Greek yogurts”. He continues, “In an even more ideal world, hospital food services would use yogurt or nut milks as the base for freshly made smoothies and add nutrient-dense items like avocado, berries, spinach or peanut butter.”

"nutrition" shakes

Choose your flavor, and say “hello” to nutritious Nourishmentss

If you or a loved one is seeking a more immediate solution, a Levana Nourishments pouch in Vanilla Bean, Cocoa Coffee, or Mixed Berry is the answer to your prayer. These blended and protein-packed pouches are perfect as a complete meal. Even more so, they are delicious and flavorful when mixed into a shake. Now that’s a real nutrition shake!

-Talya Hyman

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