Make the Most of Your Matzah! Passover Matzah Recipes


passover matzah recipes

8 days of no chametz- so make the most of your matzah!

By this point we are all well into the eight day holiday of Passover. Longing for some new and inspired Passover matzah recipes yet?! We’ve got you covered! Here you will discover delectable matzah topping ideas for a more inspired breakfast, as well as festive matzah and grain recipe ideas for entrée dishes and beyond. These recipes are so good, you’ll be sad to wave goodbye to your favorite thin and unleavened bread at the end of the Passover holiday!

Passover Matzah Recipes

How can your mouth not be watering after looking at the delicious and delectable matzah creations pictured above?! Inspiration and credits go to Samantha Ferraro of @ferrarokitchen on Instagram. (Check her out!) She came up with 6 different matzah open-faced “sandwiches”, all inspired by cuisine from around the world. Check out her blog post on The Nosher, and let the matzahs speak for themselves. (You will also discover step-by-step instructions and ingredient lists.) Do they taste even better than they look? Will you be creating an Italian matzah masterpiece, complete with olives, capers, and mozzarella? Or maybe you prefer a more Thai-inspired matzah, topped with cabbage, cilantro, carrots, and roasted almonds? For Mexican flavors, use a fried egg, avocado, and roasted tomato layered on top of your matzah- but don’t forget the hot sauce! Which matzah work of art will you be creating? Snap a picture and enjoy!

We’ve all heard of granola before, but have you ever tried Whole Wheat Matzah Granola? Check out this recipe from (Left photo below is courtesy of the same website.) Combining farfel with whole wheat matzah creates a heavenly combination of healthy granola, fit to enjoy during Passover. Also be sure to check out the Levana Cooks Passover Granola and Energy Balls– unsweetened, and all variations included!

passover matzah recipespassover matzah recipes

More kosher for Passover grains, please! Try the Kasha with Onions and Mushrooms Recipe, originally posted on Levana Cooks. Kasha, known to much of the world as buckwheat, is a staple in many Eastern European countries. Toasting the kasha before cooking it gives a delicious nutty taste, and rolling it in beaten egg keeps every kernel separated and plump.  Quinoa is a delicious, kosher for Passover approved grain. This powerhouse recipe is also gluten-free! Enjoy the last few days of the miraculous holiday of Passover with good eats, and with a newfound appreciation for just how imaginative matzah can be.

-Talya Hyman

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