Real Food Revolution: Children Edition


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Real food is both a revelation and revolution

A few years ago, Levana spent a happy summer teaching kids how to cook healthy and nutritious dishes. She loved the children almost as much as they loved her! What Levana discovered is that children are not only savvy consumers, but they are also curious to learn about the creation  process of gourmet foods. It is important to teach kids at a young age about the importance of cooking and baking with real food- only the purest of ingredients. This will enhance their taste-buds and palate. There isn’t anything like the real thing, and kids should be aware of the foods they are putting into their bodies. It is a special accomplishment when children eat unusual ingredients hidden in healthy variations of their favorite foods. What a feat! You get bonus points if your children request seconds.

Accommodating to all allergies

At the summer camp, many children had serious food allergies. Levana was able to accommodate all of these food sensitivities (nut and dairy allergies included), and then some. Miraculously, everyone was able to enjoy all of the delicacies and masterpieces cooked up.

Kids in the kitchen

real food

Listen up, all you parents out there! Allow your kids in the kitchen with you! Show them that cooking healthily can produce delicious masterpieces. What child with a sweet-tooth could say no to decadent Walnut Chocolate Blondies?! If you are looking for a fun Sunday afternoon activity with your kids, bring them into the kitchen. You will have fun creating this delicious dessert recipe together. At the summer camp, everyone thought these were fabulous! Try one and see for yourself- they taste like both brownies and chocolate chip cookies! Baking with real food will give you only real results. For extra nutrients and protein, add a Levana Nourishments pouch in Vanilla Bean to the recipe.

In need of a quick and filling dinner recipe? Cook up a Quick Minestrone Soup that is chock-full of nutritious vegetables. This recipe is so simple, you could even allow for your child to cook it all by his or herself (with your assistance and supervision, of course)! Throw in a Garden Vegetable Levana Nourishments to pack in the protein and flavor. Now that your children are little chefs, which healthy and nutritious recipes are they adding to their menu of favorites?

Read more about The Children Real Food Revolution

You will be happy to find dozens of kids-approved recipes! Real food is not just a revelation, it’s a revolution!

-Talya Hyman

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