Top Winter Vegetables and Fruit


top winter vegetables

What’s in your winter shopping basket?

The cold weather may be making you feel like you left your glow back in the days of warm, but have no fear: it’s time to talk about the top winter vegetables and fruit. These are all of the best health finds of the season. Health coach Jolene Hart’s book Eat Pretty “reveals how nutrition can be our most powerful tool in the quest for radiance at any age.” In her “Winter Beauty Basket” list, Hart picks the best nutritious super-foods that will keep you glowing and radiant, even through the darkest of winter days. (The following list has all been adapted from Eat Pretty.) Pick up that pen and notebook- you’ll want to add these to your next grocery shopping list.

Top Winter Vegetables…

  • Carrot- Give this veggie an A for Vitamin A! This nutrient promotes “natural cell division, regenerating collagen, regulating oil production, and slowing the natural deterioration of eyesight as we age.” All of these benefits help to keep us looking young and beautiful. Furthermore, carrots help to decrease the chance of women developing breast cancer because Vitamin A “regulates the growth and development of cells.”
  • Kale- You favorite healthy chip is chock-full of Vitamins A, C, and K! What a powerhouse combo. Together, these three vitamins “maintain moisturizing oils in your sebaceous glands.” Vitamin A smooths the skin, vitamin C is a collagen builder, and vitamin K is vital for “healthy blood vessels.” In order to maintain the kale health benefits, only lightly steam the leaves- no overcooking!
  • Potato- As opposed to popular belief, the skins of potatoes are packed with fiber! What gives potatoes a bad rap is when they are fried, tons of trans fat is added. Instead, you want the good stuff! In addition to the anti aging properties in vitamin C, potatoes also contain “iron, magnesium, manganese, copper, and phosphorous.”

top winter vegetables…and Fruits!

  • Grapefruit- Color packs a punch! Even if it doesn’t seem like that, the sun’s rays are still strong, even in the winter. Lycopene in pink and red grapefruits “protect skin from UV damage, which is important for anti aging”. Need more reason to pick up this juicy fruit? The grapefruit is a “powerfully cleansing food that helps with liver detoxification and is thought to boost metabolism and aid in weight loss.”
  •  Avocado- At the moment, avocados are the trendiest food. But did you know that they are categorized as being a good-for-you healthy fat? Even more so, avocados are full of Vitamin E, which “keeps skin cells strong and hydrated”. This is especially important during these skin-drying cold days. Go crazy with avocado experimentation- will you add it to your salads, smoothies, or sandwiches?
  • Banana- It is no secret that bananas are a fantastic source of potassium. But why exactly is potassium so good for us? Potassium helps to regulate the circulation of oxygen within our bodies, and provides us with “fast energy”. More banana health benefits? They contain an amino acid and silicon. The amino acid “boosts healthy hair and nail growth”, while silicon also promotes “strong hair, nails, and collagen.”

Eat Pretty every season- even in the winter.

The season of winter does not need to mean that our bodies shut down and head into hibernation mode. With Jolene Hart’s health and nutrition tips, winter can still be the season of taking care of our bodies. Check out her book, Eat Pretty to discover more wholesome, seasonal foods, and how to eat well every season.

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Armed with your new winter-inspired grocery list of the top winter vegetables and fruits, head on over to Levana Nourishments to discover recipes that will complement your picks. Then, add in a protein-packed and nutritious Nourishments packet. Remember- winter means being able to experiment with seasonal super-foods. What’s on your list?

-Talya Hyman 

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